It’s pretty much an accepted fact that Final Fantasy VII has some of the best music video games have ever known, and the game’s lengthy soundtrack inspires some pretty cool covers. French metal band Shinray took things a step further—they covered a Final Fantasy VII track and made themselves characters in a Final Fantasy game.

The video above is a cover of the opening track of Final Fantasy VII, called “Bombing Mission,” and with some clever 16-bit animation, the band members find themselves sucked into a game and having to fight their way clear. The music video version isn’t quite the Playstation classic from which the song is taken, though it does closely resemble the previous game in the series, Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo. In the end, though, the video’s about fighting Shinra, the evil corporation at the center of Final Fantasy VII, and it’s a pretty good accompaniment to an awesome cover.

Shinray brings their metal sensibilities and music video riffing to a lot of other cool orchestral tracks as well, like the Terminator theme—check out the rest on their website.

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