Metal Gear Solid V officially has the most ridiculous in-game thing for players to spend their actual money on: insurance against other players.

The online portion of MGS V (not to be confused with the newly released Metal Gear Online standalone portion) concerns players setting up “forward operating bases” to expand on “Mother Base,” their center of operations during the game. Once you build an FOB, you can go online and infiltrate other players’ FOBs to kidnap their personnel and steal their stuff. Of course, they can do the same to you, which requires you to continually invest in recruiting better personnel and building up your defenses.

Or you can buy FOB insurance from publisher Konami. Then, even if players break into your bases and kidnap all your folks, you still keep them. The other player just gets copies of them, instead. You can read the full details of how insurance works on the MGS V official website.

But the gist of it is, MGS V includes a competitive portion, and now accepts cash from players who want to compete without the risk of losing. It’s brilliant—in a James Bond villain kind of way.

Via Kotaku