Metal Gear Solid V, the latest game in a series about ideas like the horrible threat of nuclear war and whether nanomachines can control human minds, already seems to be brimming with weird, off-the-beaten-path secrets.

But players might have discovered a secret cutscene so tough to unlock, it’s possible no one will ever achieve it in-game. Get ready for a ton of spoilers to follow.

As Kotaku reports, the secret seems to hinge on an element of Metal Gear Solid V players can’t access to until late in the game. Part of the online multiplayer component of the game is that you can create “forward operating bases,” populated with your weapons and soldiers. You can invade other people’s FOBs, and they can invade yours, and you get to steal from each other in a bit of private military company competition. Eventually, though, you get the option develop nuclear weapons, and that’s a game-changer.

Become a nuclear power, and you fundamentally alter the FOB system. Suddenly, players without nukes (or without a certain level of the game’s “heroism” points) can’t attack you because of the deterrent effect of your nuke. Players who can attack you only get one chance to do so, and if they get spotted, you’ll get the opportunity to wipe them out with your nuclear weapon. Of course, they can do the same to you, raising the stakes for competition significantly.

However, you can also choose to disarm nukes—yours voluntarily, and other people’s by invading their FOBs. And that seems to be where this new scene, discovered by players data-mining through Metal Gear Solid V files, comes in.

The hidden cutscene that’s all about disarming nukes. It’s not clear how to unlock it by playing, but the scene assumes an in-game world where all nukes have been destroyed:

Players discussing the scene online seem to think the only way to unlock it in-game is to disarm all player nukes in all FOBs. That means decommissioning your own (or choosing not to create them), or destroying those belonging to others.

Like eliminating nuclear weapons in the real world, that sounds all but impossible. But if that’s really how this secret scene is unlocked, it’ll be pretty cool to see heroic players fighting to create a nuke-free (online) world.