A while back, enterprising players digging into Metal Gear Solid V’s code discovered a video that suggested that if everyone in the game would just disarm their nuclear weapons, it would unlock a cool special ending-like video.

Turns out, that was all true, and not just content that got cut in the rush to finally get MGS V out the door. Publisher Konami confirmed there’s a special event that’s triggered only if every player in the game disarms their nuclear weapons—and they provided the numbers to suggest just how possible that might be.

Some background: Metal Gear Solid V contains a multiplayer portion of the game in which players can create “Forward Operating Bases,” or FOBs. You can invade the FOBs of other players and rip off their cash, kidnap their personnel, and generally conduct stealthy warfare on them, and they can do the same to you. Unless, of course, you have a nuclear weapon—then, as in real life, it becomes a game of “who’s the bigger jerkbag,” as you’re only vulnerable to other people with nukes, and they to you.

The tricky part is that players can sneak into other people’s bases and disarm their nukes, at great risk of nuclear annihilation if they’re discovered. But if everyone either chooses to disarm, or forcibly destroys all the nuclear weapons in the game, everybody wins a sunny, worldwide peace. At least, for a bit.

Can it even be done? Apparently, players are already working together to rid themselves of nuclear weapons. Konami reported in a blog post that between the beginning of this month and Nov. 25, players reduced their nukes by huge numbers: by more than 2,000 on Playstation 4, and more than 400 on Xbox One. By Nov. 25, PS4 was down to 352 nukes and Xbox One had less than 100. On PC, the numbers are even more drastic: players went from holding 36,552 nuclear weapons to just 15,691. The numbers are even lower today.

That’s some serious nonproliferation progress, but surely there will be a few holdout supervillains out there. It’ll be cool to see if the MGS V community can take them down. You can keep up with the numbers on the Metal Gear Twitter account.