In Metal Gear Solid V’s conception of the 1984 in which it’s set, a private military force called the Diamond Dogs run around saving child soldiers and dismantling nuclear-equipped superweapons. They work mostly in secret, but the rest of the world has definitely heard of the legendary soldier Big Boss and his scrappy bunch of (generally) do-gooders.

In all likelihood, that version of 1984 wouldn’t have The A-Team, a show about a nice group of mercenaries who drive around in a cool van. It would have a TV show called The D-Dogs and it would probably inspire a lot of kids to learn to do those goofy Revolver Ocelot pistol tricks.

YouTube filmmaker Nick Hawryluk peered into this alternate universe and brought back the awesomeness for us to share. Now we just need alternate universe Hollywood to make the movie adaptation with Richard Dean Anderson, Dirk Benedict, Tom Selleck and Lynda Carter.

Via Polygon.