Public Policy Polling just released the most informative political poll in some time. It asked many questions of many demographics, but PPP has answered the truly vital question of these times – how well would an apocalyptic meteor poll against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

The answer? Surprisingly well. Most people would still prefer one or the other of these historically loathed candidates. However, “a Giant Meteor hitting the earth” got 13 percent on average. Men tend to prefer the meteor more than women, as do young voters over older demographics. The poll snarkily summarized, “The Meteor is particularly appealing to independent voters, functionally in a three way tie at 27% to 35% for Clinton and 31% for Trump. Maybe that’s who the Libertarians should have nominated.”

Poor Gary Johnson and Jill Stein got about five percent and two percent of votes respectively, though they don’t appear to have been polled against the surging Meteor. If its poll numbers rise to 15 percent, we can certainly expect to see this popular celestial bringer of death and destruction in the debates this fall.

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