I don’t know in what world this was a good idea. KTLA weather reporter Liberté Chan was just trying to remind California that water remains a borderline myth in this state and, apparently, the station was “getting a lot of emails” about the dress she was wearing. So they cowardly handed her a gray sweater that looks like the ready-made solution of an easily offended junior high principal—live on the air.

People who complain about such a dress are the same ones bitching that “nobody dresses up anymore” and Chan’s dress was more in line with an elegant anniversary party than a Vegas club, you cultural hypochondriacs. Personally, I want my news from class acts, not stodgy out-of-touch bozos dressed like they’re cleaning out the garage.

What a stupid interaction to have in front of your entire audience that (ironically) just wants to know if they should wear a damn sweater themselves.