Courtesy of [Ben Schumin/Wikimedia](,_Luray,_Virginia.jpg).

Courtesy of Ben Schumin/Wikimedia.

Police in St. Augustine, FL, probably weren’t shocked when they caught an alleged shoplifter at a local Walmart with $1,700 worth of merchandise. However, upon searching the suspect’s car, they had to be at least a little surprised to encounter dangerous fumes from an alleged mobile meth-lab being run out of the Mazda SUV. Even by Florida standards, that’s not a common occurrence.

Authorities involved say the lab was a “one-pot operation,” so they weren’t exactly dealing with Walter White. Even so, the four deputies who discovered the lab were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The suspected shoplifter was decontaminated before heading to jail. And as Jalopnik points out, authorities said the items stolen from the store must also “be decontaminated before they can be sold again.” So if you live in St. Augustine, you may want to consider buying your Christmas candy and Target this year.

(Source: Jalopnik)