The stories of interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran in the Metroid games are among Nintendo’s darkest game material—and as this fan film demonstrates, they’d probably make a pretty good basis for a movie.

“Metroid: The Sky Calls” comes from production house Rainfall Films, and tells a quick story about Metroid’s protagonist as she tries to hunt down a weird space signal from the Chozo, the aliens who saved and raised the young orphan Samus, gave her the kickass Varia suit she always wears, and then promptly all disappeared or died off. The short stars Nerdist News host and former IGN on-camera personality Jessica Chobot, who you might also recognize from her stint as a digital character in Mass Effect 3.

Like a lot of fan films, “The Sky Calls” has more style than it does substance (it’s hard to tell an in-depth story in 11 minutes, to be sure), but if there’s one thing it does well, it’s capture the Metroid aesthetic in a way that would look awesome in your local movie theater. Here’s hoping Nintendo takes some inspiration from the project, instead of just heating up its big “cease and desist” cannon.