Metta World Peace, the man who legally changed his name to inspire friendship, love, and kindness, thinks everyone in the NBA sucks now and he’s being really vocal about it.

The 35-year-old small forward only resigned with the Los Angeles Lakers a few weeks ago, following a brief stint of playing ball in China and Italy, and he’s already annoyed with the entire NBA as a whole. Following yesterday’s practice, he laid it out.

“I remember I came into the NBA in 1999, the game was a little bit more rough. The game now is more for kids. It’s not really a man’s game anymore. The parents are really protective of their children. They cry to their AAU coaches. They cry to the refs, ‘That’s a foul. That’s a foul.’”

But he really wanted to drive his point home.

“Sometimes I wish those parents would just stay home, don’t come to the game, and now translated, these same AAU kids whose parents came to the game, 'That’s a foul.’ These kids are in the NBA. So now we have a problem. You’ve got a bunch of babies professionally around the world.”

Like, really drive it home.

“It’s no longer a man’s game. It’s a baby’s game. There’s softies everywhere. Everybody’s soft. Nobody’s hard no more. So, you just deal with it, you adjust and that’s it.”

It’s hard to guess what his ideal version of basketball is though, given that he’s the dude who more or less started the “Malice at the Palace” brawl back in Indiana. If he’s looking for rough and tough, he should show to parks for pick-up games, because I can assure you, nobody is nice or polite there and everyone is practically made of elbows.