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Meet the Lebanese Porn Star Who Overtook Lisa Ann as Pornhub’s Most Popular Star

Meet the Lebanese Porn Star Who Overtook Lisa Ann as Pornhub’s Most Popular Star: Pornhub


A few weeks ago, Pornhub announced a new champion had taken the crown in their most popular porn star rankings. Overtaking the famous Lisa Ann was the relatively new star Mia Khalifa.

Instagram, miakhalifa1

Instagram, miakhalifa1

For those of you who’ve been stuck living under a rock (or with an intrusive significant other), Khalifa is a 21-year-old college student in Florida. She refers to herself as “the unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles,” which will come in handy if/when the school ever comes under fire for using Native American imagery in their logo and needs to make a change.

Instagram, miakhalifa1

Instagram, miakhalifa1

Khalifa only started getting into porn in October 2014, so she’s not been in the industry as long as many of the ladies she surpassed in the rankings. She’s currently only contracted to work with BangBros, but I’m guessing a pay increase is in store if they want to keep their hands on this porn superstar in the making.

Instgram, miakhalifa1

Instgram, miakhalifa1

Although she currently lives in Florida, Khalifa was born in Lebanon. She has lyrics from her native country’s national anthem tattooed on her body. Her nationality’s caused some controversy as people worry her choice to pursue a career in porn will possibly affect how people view women in Lebanon. She also added to the fire by appearing in one of her videos while wearing a hijab.

Khalifa seems to be taking the criticism with a sense of humor.

Head over to Khalifa’s Instagram for more pictures of the actress. Or you could go to Pornhub to see “her professional résumé.”


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