Yesterday we introduced you to Veronica Vain, a Wall Street intern who decided to quit her job and pursue a career in porn after posting some nude selfies from the office.

Predictably, the Internet went crazy for Veronica and the offers came flooding in. Brazzers, one of the most popular porn sites in the world, was quick to jump on the former financial guru.

However Bang Bros wasn’t going to let Veronica get away without fight. To enlist her into their sexual service, they had their newest star and Pornhub’s most popular porn star Mia Khalifa give her own recruitment pitch.

They also both are very familiar with the state of Florida, which means they could probably film their scenes in the Sunshine State.

Mia probably will be very happy to be with a fellow Floridian unless…

Instagram, @miakhalifa1

Instagram, @miakhalifa1

Uh oh. Things just got a lot more complicated. Although perhaps they could transform that football animosity into sexual tension.

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