The opening seconds of the Steve Jobs trailer see Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen) asking the question so many people (including, most memorably, comedian Bill Burr) have asked about Jobs over the years: He didn’t build the computers and he didn’t make them function, so what exactly did he do to earn the visionary mantle bestowed upon him?

Immediately, star Michael Fassbender and writer Aaron Sorkin make it clear that Jobs believes, and seemingly never stopped believing, his own hype, and the deep dive into the ego of the man behind Apple’s rise begins. As in The Social Network, for which he won an Oscar, Sorkin is clearly interested in probing the more abrasive parts of Jobs’ personality. He’s demanding, he’s egotistical, he’s hot-tempered, and he’s not quick to compromise, but through it all he’s celebrated. Throw in a supporting cast that includes Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, Katherine Waterston and more, plus the fiercely kinetic direction of Oscar-winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), and you’ve got a major awards contender for the fall.

Steve Jobs arrives October 9.