A new Michael Mann movie is always a cause for celebration. The man has never made a bad film. Okay, there was Miami Vice, but at least that was interesting bad, well-executed bad. Flawed but fascinating.

We knew he was making a cyberthriller with Chris Hemsworth, but the plot details were being kept under the kind of security that seems to evade most online retailers. But the first trailer just dropped.

Listen, I know this is just a trailer, and at best it only reflects a tiny bit of what the movie is actually about. But…um, okay. So this is Thor the Hacker, bicep-ing his way around the world as a Dangerous Man Who Was In Prison For Hackery But Is The Only Guy For the Job, on the trail of a cyberterrorist who can do awful things with a keyboard. And our hero hacker is totally an expert in martial arts and small-arms combat.

I don’t want to say this looks like a cross between Swordfish and Live Free or Die Hard with much better cinematography…but it kinda does.

Marc Bernardin is the Deputy Editor or Playboy.com. He has seen Heat about 173 times.