The War on Drugs may turn into the War on Ennui, given that Silicon Valley, that near-mythical tech hub in San Francisco’s southern bay area, now has employees getting high for inspiration, according to Rolling Stone. They say it helps kick migraines and ramp up (way) outside-the-box thinking.

They’re being safe (which, sure, is subjective), as these employees at tech startups keep the mind melt down for solid highdeas instead of spiraling into total eclipses of the brain. Rather than diving into the mysterious deep, they tread in the beautiful, shallow waters of microdosing, which is roughly a tenth of a typical dose—say, only 10 micrograms of LSD or 0.2-0.5 grams of mushrooms.

As James Fadiman, author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, observes “It’s an extremely healthy alternative to Adderall.”

If Silicon Valley ever steps above basic microdosing, the next tech trend might be rainbow swirls replacing the go-to sleek black. Hell, maybe they’ll make a hybrid of Ray-Bans and whatever Google Glass was supposed to become.