Most people who are caught in the act of vigorously licking string instruments are probably not going to make a lot of friends, let alone have the power to increase the value of said instrument. But Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly most people.

The Internet’s wild child, who somehow made it out alive after hosting the MTV Music Video Awards, just once again upped herself in total, unfiltered weirdness. While helping Linda Perry auction off an autographed white grand piano to benefit charity this weekend, Miley thought she could up the value of the piano by literally licking the entire thing. Seriously.

After Cyrus licked the piano, it ended up selling for $50,000. I can promise you no one else’s saliva would go for that much. Miley was honored with the Vanguard Award from the LGBT Center this weekend because of her work with Happy Hippie Foundation to promote the welfare of LGBT youth. The proceeds from the piano all benefited the Center.

She might be completely off her shit, but Miley at least has a heart of gold.

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Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant for Playboy. She’s more into brass instruments. Follow her on Twitter.