See! Millennials do have money.

Well, at least 23-year-old Miley Cyrus does. She just picked up her third piece of prime L.A. real estate in Malibu, costing her a mere $2.5 million. The four-bedroom, 1,1384-square-foot Malibu Mansion has a giant, enclosed backyard full of greenery and a gazebo hot tub perfect for her many toke sessions.

Besides the sort of badass gazebo hot tub, the home is actually pretty understated and simplistic. Maybe this is Miley’s chill out pad when she’s tired from waving around giant dildos and licking pianos? Will she clean her new mansion stark naked, too?

So many questions, so little answers.


Via Curbed Los Angeles

Nicole Theodore is the Girls co-editor at She’s low key praying for an invite to Miley’s new house. Follow her on Twitter.