Over the past year, disruptive protests have become a mainstay for American activists involved in causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement. But activists in Canada must have already sorted out that whole “social justice” thing, because they’ve resorted to employing these guerrilla tactics to save chickens.

Nearly two dozen members of Direct Action Everywhere Toronto, which bills itself as an “animal liberation” group that “disrupts the places that normalize violence against animals,” recently stormed a Toronto steakhouse with cameras in hand. After badgering a hostess about why dog meat wasn’t on the menu (because for thousands of years, dogs, unlike cows, pigs, and chickens, have been specifically bread as workers and companions), the group moves further into the restaurant and begins yelling at confused patrons about a chicken who loved hugs.

Of course, that’s not to say there are no reasonable arguments to be made against eating meat. Certainly there are. But at the same time, just watching these arrogant turds makes me want to drive to Culvers and load up on Butter Burgers.

Unfortunately, instead of doing that, I googled “chicken hugs,” and found this:

Son of a… I guess she was right about the chickens. But to quote The Big Lebowski

(Source: Vice)