For all the advancements that have been made in smaller, more fuel efficient cars that use alternative fuels, there is still something about the sheer badassness of a Humvee that is tough to match. And now you could own one.

The Department of Defense is auctioning off as many as 4,000 military-issued surplus Humvees to the public. The first group of 25 will be sold today at with bidding starting at $10,000. The AM General vehicles were made between 1987 and 1995 and some have as few as 1,300 miles on them.

The camo-covered Humvees are completely demilitarized, which might bum out any amateur warlords out there. Also, the vehicles do not have any title and can only be used off road, so you won’t be able to get license plates for your Humvee, so no taking it out for a Starbucks run.

Still, if you have a massive ranch and meet the scary-long list of conditions required for an end use certificate then you need to get one of these.

h/t Truck Yeah

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