As if millennials didn’t have enough to worry about — pressure to find a job, pressure to keep that job, find love, buy a house and start a family all before you pass your biological prime — another source of anxiety is plaguing young people earlier than expected.

Research shows that stress is directly related to hair loss. According to a study from the American Psychology Association, no generation experiences stress more than millennials. Combine the two and what you have is a generation of freaked young people worried about embarking on the rest of their lives without the benefit that a full head of hair provides.

But for a generation who’s only really known life with a smartphone in their hands, the thought of facing a problem without a solution is simply unacceptable. Moneyish spoke to experts who treat hair loss. They say that more and more young people are seeking treatment to curb or prevent balding altogether. A New York City stylist named Angelo David said a college student who was ”just shy of her 20th birthday” spent $4000 on a wig to hid her hair loss. He said hair extensions are popular among young clients as well.

The good news, we suppose, is if you make enough money because of your stressful lifestyle, you’ll be able to keep yourself in wigs. Small comfort.