The numbers are in, and Americans are addicted to social media more now than ever with millennials leading the charge. The American Psychological Association has released numbers from a survey showing that almost 48 percent of America’s millennials are not only addicted to social media, but they fear and acknowledge that it’s probably ruining their lives.

While that number probably isn’t terribly striking, what is a bit more worrisome is the number of people who recognize it is a problem, but don’t want to get off the wagon. Gen X'ers, don’t even try to think you are immune to this problem.

The report defined a subgroup of technology users as “constant checkers,” people who constantly look at their social feeds for updates and responses to conversations. Their most popular destinations are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. “Almost half (48 percent) worry about the negative effects of social media on their physical and mental health,“ the report states.

But here’s where it starts to get weird: turns out that a lot of these constant checkers are hitting social media for stressful topics. Around 42 percent are locked into political and cultural arguments on social media, compared to just 33 percent for those who aren’t defined as “constant checkers.” So instead of simply looking at cute cat videos, they’re stressing themselves out on Facebook arguing about Trump’s latest deeds.

And while 65 percent of those surveyed agree that taking time off from social media is good for the body and mind, only 28 percent actually do so.