A user survey from MyBankTracker.com found that 30 percent of those questioned were willing to sell an organ to pay off student loan debt.

The survey was conducted among 200 of the site’s users. The group had a median age of 32 and an average student debt balance of $34,500.

The results of other questions, including “Would you be willing to turn your life into a reality show?” and “Would you take part in a questionable health study?” can be viewed in the following Inforgraphic.

Via MyBankTracker.com.

Via MyBankTracker.com.

To be fair, this study wasn’t exactly scientific, so I’m not sure it’s right to claim the results speak for all Millennials. But at the end of the day, selling a spare kidney is a lot easier than majoring in something marketable, so I don’t find the results that hard to believe.

(Source: MyBankTracker, H/T: Forbes)