The upcoming gameStar Wars: Battlefront unfortunately doesn’t have any space dogfights like the Star Wars movies, but it’s not without its spaceships—they’re just relegated to in-atmosphere dogfights over surface battlefields.

EA released the latest Battlefront trailer, above, from Germany’s big Gamescom convention, and it gives a sense of how that action will work. You’ll have access to a few ships on both sides of the war, including the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Battlefront II had major dogfight sequences in space, but the new Battlefront seems keener on locking its vehicles to the larger ground war—so you’ll not only use them against other ships, but against soldiers, those huge AT-AT walkers, and so on.

It looks like ship-to-ship combat will be cool, but take them with the grain of salt that you’ll likely be yelling at your TV a few times as you run toward a game-winning objective, only to get splattered by some joker in a TIE bomber.