We seem to be in the golden age of brands that are completely unrelated to fashion releasing menswear collections. McDonald’s made one. So did Pornhub. Now Miller High Life is hoping that guys will want to live the high life in the beer brand’s clothes.

The champagne of beers teamed up with Chicago menswear label Stock Manufacturing Company on a capsule collection that includes a shooting blazer, plaid shirt, jean jacket, T-shirts, and a hat. Stock dove into vintage print ads that High Life released over its 100-plus year history to find inspiration for the pieces. The famous graphic of the woman sitting on the moon that adorns High Life bottles makes an appearance on the lining of the blazer and is embroidered on the back of the jean jacket. The cap is the result of a partnership with heritage sportswear brand Ebbets Field Flannels. The pieces range in price from $35 for a T-shirt to $250 for the blazer.

Much like brother brand Miller Lite, which changed its can and bottle design to a retro design, High Life is paying homage to its history by creating bottles and cans with a heritage feel and wanted to make a menswear collection with a similar vibe.

You can see all the pieces from the collection below.

via stock mfg

via stock mfg

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