Minecraft is coming to Nintendo’s Wii U console, and separating this latest version from the frankly ridiculous number of other editions of the blocky, low-res building and survival game is everyone’s favorite Italian plumber and his Mushroom Kingdom pals.

In an interesting synergistic move, Wii U Minecraft will get a downloadable content pack that includes a bunch of Mario characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Wario, as well as other stuff such as Mario game music and enemies. In all, there are 40 characters, 15 pieces of music, and a bunch of other textures and stuff to add a Mario flavor to your Minecraft world. Players who bought the digital version of Minecraft for Wii U get the add-on for free, since the game was a bit anemic in terms of content when it was first made available. Anybody who doesn’t already have a Wii U copy of Minecraft can get a physical edition with the new Mario stuff for $30 starting June 17.

The partnership is interesting particularly because at this point, Minecraft is the property of Xbox maker Microsoft, which paid $2.5 billion for Mojang, the creator of the game. So Microsoft is a competitor of Nintendo’s in most cases. But when it comes to making money with Minecraft, the more (Mario) the merrier, apparently.

Via Destructoid