Minions. They’re everywhere, from Internet memes to dinnerware sets to stuffed toys, all thanks to their success from Despicable Me. They even got their own movie.

However, minions are more than the cuddly creatures we might think they are. As it turns out, the strange, lovable creatures are also a good cover for smuggling drugs—at least according to a drug ring in New York, which was busted after smuggling $225,000 worth of cocaine through popular minions toys.

According to Gothamist, the drug ring was arrested after NYPD’s Vice Squad bought more than $41,000 worth of drugs in 20 undercover operations across the city. The ring’s arrest was also part of an ongoing wiretap investigation.

Photo via NYPD Office of Special Narcotics

Photo via NYPD Office of Special Narcotics

However, this New York City drug outfit is quite creative. Last June, roughly $12 million worth of cocaine-stuffed shrimp was found in Brooklyn.

Even though the stuffed shrimp appeared to be a good idea, the drug ring’s minion plan was nearly perfect because of the minions’ description to serve “the most despicable of masters.” We’re sure if minions were actually real, they’d do anything to make their master happy, including smuggling an absurd amount of cocaine.

H/T Brooklyn Magazine