Is your mom a fan of the Binghamton Mets? If so, you better read this.

The minor league baseball team from New York state is being widely mocked thanks to bizarre ballpark promotion scheduled for April. In a post on the team’s Twitter account, fans (and possibly your mom) were cordially invited to “Netflix and Chill” at the stadium:

Screen shot via Twitter user [@Enchanted](

Screen shot via Twitter user @Enchanted.

Of course, the term “Netflix and Chill” is a widely used euphemism for sex. For example, it’s not uncommon for kids today to say things like “I want to Netflix and Chill your mom’s Snapchat” with “Snapchat” being a euphemism for mouth. Probably. W

OK, fine. I don’t know how these darn kids today talk. But regardless, the team is getting mocked thanks to the post:

A lot of people seem to think the people behind the promotion didn’t know what “Netflix and Chill” actually meant. I’m not sure if I buy that. I’m old enough to remember VCR vs. Beta, and I know what it means. And the promotion’s joke works just as well, if not better, if you’re aware it’s a sex reference.

But on the other hand, the team later deleted the tweet, which seems to indicate it wasn’t intentional.

The message was later replaced with a tweet inviting fans to a “salute to our favorite Netflix shows on a chilly April night.” Luckily, the Internet never forgets:

(Source: CBS Sports, Uproxx)