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Move over Don Draper. Forget everything you thought you knew about advertising. Throw those marketing degrees out the window! Miranda Kerr has figured it all out. The absolute best way to sell shoes? Just wear nothing else! That’s exactly what the stunning model did for her new Reebok spot. Check it out.

I don’t know who’s idea this was or who wrote this commercial, but whoever they are deserve $20 million, one night alone with Miranda, and unlimited garlic breadsticks for life. That’s how genius this is. It’s like they’ve taken all the normal advertising practices of targeting specific demographics, using subliminal messaging, and trying to use appealing fonts, language, and colors and nullified them all.

I can imagine the meeting: Reebok Exec 1: “Hey! Let’s get this smoking hot girl to take off all her clothes!” Reebok Exec 2: “I like where your head’s at, but what does that have to do with our sneakers?” Reebok Exec 1: “Oh. Right. Um, I guess we can throw them in at the end?” Reebok Exec 2: “Love it! Done!”

Good work, everyone!

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