The Internet is up in arms about a Chinese businessman who supposedly offered a Japanese adult actress an $8 million, 15-year contract to “work” for him exclusively.

Rola Misaki, a 22-year-old half-Japanese and half-Russian adult starlet, was supposedly approached by the mysterious millionaire at a recent promotional event. I use the adjective “mysterious” because the business man in question is only known by his online persona, “Serious Man.” Also, he wears a mask.

Photo coutesy of Misaki Rola

Photo coutesy of Misaki Rola’s Facebook page.

You can’t get much more mysterious.

So, what would Misaki be expected to do for all that money?

According to the source, Misaki will serve as his personal assistant, and she will receive his support in her entertainment activities in China.

An $8 million secretary? I made about $32,000 a year when I worked as an admin assistant. I guess it’s true that things are really booming in China.

At a recent event in Beijing, the former actress appeared on stage holding hands with her superior. In spite of his use of a mask to conceal his identity, the display of affection caused many to presume that the contract also includes an “intimate relations” clause.

Damn. There’s always a catch.

Some outlets were reporting that Misaki has already accepted the offer. The actress in question has yet to comment, but posted an article about the rumor on her Facebook page.

But Gawker is now claiming “Serious Man” has denied the rumor on social media.

“Today, to get up early to see the news, how ignorant I become nurturing Actress Tyrant purely fabricated a further half million!??!! 7 pm I met at a conference Takizawa Laura, live greetings, photo, interactive, all the requirements should be made ​​to mobilize the atmosphere moderator I had this serious statement, I did not and. now there is no such intention! this is completely untrue! Some people do not discredit me!”

Based on that Google Translation, all the recent talk of computers “taking over” is greatly exaggerated.

Of course, “Serious Man” could be lying about the whole situation in order to save face. But I doubt it. You don’t get to be a multimillionaire by locking adult starlets into 15-year contracts. Talk about bad ROI. Why doesn’t he just buy whole life insurance instead of term? Zing!

So at the end of the day, this story is probably nonsense. That will teach you to click on a headline that ends in a question mark. The answer is always “no.” But just in case you’re mad, let me make it up to you.

Photo coutesy of Misaki Rola

Photo coutesy of Misaki Rola’s Facebook page.

See, it wasn’t a total waste.

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