Did you know they still broadcast the Miss America Pageant? It’s true!

Did you know they still have broadcast television? Also true.

Last night, Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell was crowned Miss America 2016. But before she was declared the winner, she was forced to answer a barrage of difficult questions that had no right or wrong answer.

At one point she was asked about the Deflategate scandal (a.k.a. Ballghazi). Specifically, she was asked if she thought Tom Brady cheated. Her answer was that she wasn’t sure, unless there’s a question as to whether or not he cheated, in which case, yes. Wait, what?

Of course there’s a question as to whether or not he cheated. It’s the question she was asked.

Again, she was asked her opinion. The only way to get such a question wrong is to not give an answer, which is basically what she did. However, despite being unable to answer a question with no incorrect answer, she still managed to win the pageant. That’s a little alarming, until you remember what these pageant judges are dealing with:

Also, it’s pretty ballsy on the part of the pageant’s organizers to allow a football-related question. When Tom Brady’s name was mentioned, I imagine at least 25 percent of viewers remembered there was a game on and immediately changed the channel.

(Source: Today)