It’s always a sad day when one of your favorite athletes retires. I can still remember the sense of pride/sadness I felt when Ray Lewis won the Super Bowl and rode off into the sunset. I was glad he was ending on top, but I was depressed that it was ending all together. I’m currently a wreck while waiting to hear what Tim Duncan is going to do about next season. I literally grew up watching Tim Duncan my entire life and I’m not ready to watch an NBA season without him. Alas, I have no say or no influence on any of these decisions. All I can do is sit and wait.

Brazil’s Miss BumBum, Suzy Cortez, isn’t the type that likes to sit around. She’s a woman of action; a woman of conviction. Rather than weep about her favorite soccer star, Lionel Messi, calling it quits. She took to social media to try and convince him to stay. I must say, her argument is pretty convincing.

Para quem achou ruim o primeiro post, vai o segundo! #NoTeVayasLio #ViscaBarça #Messi ⚪🔵👍😘

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Although, considering she’s Brazilian and Messi is Argentine, we’re not sure why she’s supporting him…

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