Congratulations. No matter what you do this week, it won’t be as bad as Steve Harvey’s gigantic screw-up on Miss Universe. In case you live under a rock that doesn’t have wifi, Harvey was given the great honor of announcing the winner of Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant on Sunday night. Well, he managed to misread his (horribly designed, but we’ll get there) the cue cards, and he gave Miss Colombia, Adriana Gutierrez, the crown, when it should have gone to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The resulting moments are what my dad calls “funtraum,” a portmanteau describing something so traumatic it’s funny. You see Steve desperately trying to figure out WTF he has to do to fix this, while Miss Colombia beams and cries and waves. The seconds seem to stretch on forever, the whole thing is horrible – it’s the IRL version of that dream you hear about but never actually have, where you show up to work and realize you’re naked. You should watch it, if only to feel better about your entire life.

Was it really old Steve’s fault, though? If you look at the below screenshot of the card that revealed the winner, you start to feel for the guy. It’s basically the least intuitive design I’ve ever seen. Why is the winner right-justified and the two runner-ups left? It makes no sense. Poor Steve.

Watch the full, terrible video above, which will make you feel like garbage for a while, and then you’ll forget about it and remember that you have a short workweek.