Mississippi State students, like students at so many other universities, bring cowbells to games to make noise.

This is allowed, but there are certain restrictions. When the SEC quashed its cowbell ban in 2010, it was with the caveat that they not be used when the opposing team is trying to run offensive plays, according to the Associated Press.

But, as is to be expected, some kids don’t give a fuck about that rule, and play the hell out of some cowbell even when the opposing QB is trying to rattle off his snap count. They also do so during important situations for the home team, which is not really a very beneficial move.

Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin would like this type of behavior to stop this Saturday when the No. 3 Bulldogs play No. 2 Auburn. He posted a note on the school’s athletic website this week hating on inappropriate cowbell ringers.

“One of the not-so-cool parts of last Saturday was the 25 or so percent of fans who continue to ignore the rules on cowbell etiquette,” Stricklin wrote. “This totally perplexes me.”