As a group, soccer players tend to the most stylish professional athletes. Think David Beckham, Mario Balotelli, Neymar. They’re right up there with basketball players when it comes to looking sharp off the pitch/court. Perhaps playing a sport that doesn’t require a face-obscuring helmet makes guys more fashion conscious. Soccer players also benefit from the European emphasis on tailoring and fit.

Lloyd Sam definitely has a place on any list of the most stylish soccer players. After a stint with Leeds United in the Premiere League, Sam came across the pond to join the New York Red Bulls in the MLS in 2012. Through five games this season, Sam has already punched in 3 goals. His style is evident on and off the field. Sam is the co-director of a fashion line called Linxs Dzine and, if it’s a match day, you can bet that he will be stunting as he enters the stadium.

When the Red Bulls unveiled their new kits for 2015, we caught up with Sam to talk about his go-to outfit, sneaker collection, and less sartorially inclined teammates.

How would you describe your personal style?
I just look at every day as an opportunity when it comes to clothes. I don’t always want to be the center of attention, but my clothes sometimes might make it that way. It’s not too crazy, but it’s definitely cool. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my style.

Are there designers that you like?
I just bought a few pairs of Balenciaga sneakers actually. I posted one of them recently on my Instagram. They’re orange high-topss. I’ve also got some maroon ones. I used to buy red bottoms [Christian Louboutins] before but not so much recently.

What’s a typical outfit like for you?
Skinny jeans, high top trainers and maybe a long t-shirt. And then I accessorize.

Were you into fashion when you were growing up?
I wouldn’t say I was always that way. But right now, I’d say I’m really big into it. As time goes on, you see other people and you take a little something [from their style] and then put it together.

Which of your teammates need help with their style?
Luis Robles might need a little help. He’s the one that stands out. Unfortunately he’s not here today.

What do you think of the new Red Bulls jerseys?
I like them. They’re slim fitting. People know I like my slim clothes.

What other teams’ jerseys do you like?
I like the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was into the Oakland Raiders jerseys too. I like their logo with the little pirate. I’ve always liked the Real Madrid shirt. I want to start wearing some ice hockey tops, too. The L.A. Kings maybe. I think they’re quite cool.

When you moved to the U.S. did your style change at all?
I feel like my style is always changing. It’s always getting better though. When I came I took a little bit of the New York look. Everyone loves to wear black here and I’ve been wearing a lot more black since I’ve come. I like where my style is at right now. It’ll probably be different in a year though.

Are you a big sneaker collector?
I’ve got a decent collection. Red bottom Louboutins. I bought about 9 pairs before I even signed in the league. I’ve got a cool pair of Red Bottoms actually. They’ve got spikes around and they’re low cut. I’ve got a couple pairs of Giuseppe Zanottis. A pair of Givenchy Tysons with the four stars and then Balenciagas. I like Timberlands too. I’ve gone back to Timbs lately.

So you’re a more of a fashion sneaker guy?
It’s funny because yesterday I was wearing some cool Nikes. Let me show you the Nikes I was wearing yesterday. I actually posted a pic on the Insta. I like both. These were the Nikes that I was wearing, the Huarache trainers.

Are your followers excited when you post sneaker pics?
People definitely know that I’m into it. I’m not really into it for the likes though. My page is on private so not everyone can see.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.