The Los Angeles parody city Los Santos, primary setting for Grand Theft Auto V, has never had a Pride Parade. A Swedish Pride organization and a team of modders are changing that.

Stockholm Pride worked with a team of six GTA V modders to add a Pride Parade to the game, giving characters in Los Santos something new to celebrate. The mod’s free, and all the work on it is being done pro bono in an effort to add a little more inclusiveness to Rockstar Games’ already impressively realistic, if goofy, city.

The mod adds a lot of additional stuff to the PC version of GTA V, like new clothes and signs for characters to carry. Some reference the terrorist attack at the night club Pulse in Orlando last month. All in all, just seems like a good thing to add to a video game a lot of people love. Just don’t read the YouTube comments.

You can download the Los Santos Pride mod from its official website