Saturday’s exciting Australian Football League Championship Game went from an event of nominal national importance to a global sensation all thanks to one fan’s unusual celebration.

Scottish model Heather McCartney stripped naked while watching the game in the comfort of a corporate box. Despite Australian basically being England on crystal meth, nudity at public sport events is still frowned upon and police moved swiftly (and probably eagerly) to arrest her. She wasn’t too happy about law enforcement swooping in and responded by kicking, biting and punching security. She also screamed, “F— off, I don’t have to tell you anything, you f—ing retard.” Are we sure she’s not Australian?

Heather McCartney Naked, Arrested

Photo credit: @AgentKAOS

Controversy swirled over why she decided to strip in the first place. McCartney told Australia’s Herald Sun that she made a bet that if Hawthorn won, she’d get naked. They ended up with the victory, so she fulfilled her obligation. However some people claim she attended the game as an escort and her nude display was a paid performance. Either way, everyone’s a winner.

Heather McCartney Naked, Arrested

Photo credit: @BlitzQuotidiano

Perhaps the Australian Football League should look into signing her to a promotional deal because this is without a doubt the most publicity they’ve ever received. One can only hope Major League Baseball takes a cue from the Down Under this October.

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