I’m no scientist, but I do believe that this is a very important “social experiment.” The Daily Mail wanted to know if anyone would notice, or care, if a woman was walking around in a top made entirely out of paint (and a little tape). So they obtained the services of model Kelly Klein and body-paint guru Sarah Ashleigh, who spent two hours painting on a simple green blouse. Then they had Kelly walk around the streets of London to see what would happen.

My hypothesis was proven correct: people noticed! A lot of people noticed! Of course they did—who’s not going to pay attention to a model walking around the city streets basically nude? According to their results, at least 19 people were caught looking within the first 10 minutes. To be honest, that number seems low. It must have not been a very busy street…

Take a look at the guy in the back; he’s noticing, alright.

In case you were wondering what she looks like with a bit more clothing on, here’s some more of Kelly Klein: