The search for HBO’s first Game of Thrones spin-off is over. Or at least should be, once network executives get their hands on this highly impressive fan-made trailer of a would-be series called Westeros. The elevator pitch is simple: What would Westeros look like centuries after the events of Game of Thrones?

Whoever’s behind this mock trailer imagines that all civilizations follow similar trajectories, which means that even Westeros will fall victim to the trappings of modern life. Horses, ravens and fermented mare’s milk get replaced with cars, cell phones and street drugs. Battles are fought with guns instead of swords, and freeways line the edges of the world.

It also means that Westeros’ ruling houses have evolved into more traditional political parties. In this version, the Lannisters are still in power, which doesn’t bode well for Daenerys’ quest for the Iron Throne. Speaking of which, what was once the ultimate symbol of power now sits encased in glass, a stark reminder of the wars that were waged and the blood that was shed.

Unfortunately for the people of Westeros, not everything from its past can be encased in glass. The trailer suggests that White Walkers and dragons are still very much a part of this world, and the Wall remains the barrier between the civilized and the unknown. In other words, this hypothetical spin-off includes everything that makes Game of Thrones so beloved. Couple that with some of the gloss and precision that a director like David Fincher would bring to the table, and Westeros has the potential to be our next great consensus show.

And because the internet has a history of willing fan-created fantasy projects into existence, the idea of Westeros actually being picked up and made isn’t totally outside the realm of possibility. Let’s make this happen, people.