You know what they say — mo’ money mo’ problems.

It’s a tough life when you have so many Ferraris you don’t know what to do with them. But you know what Batman did to solve this problem? He built a badass, underground Batcave. Thought this ridiculous bachelor pad amenity only existed in the movies? Someone finally made it become a reality.

An unnamed homeowner in Melbourne commissioned architect firm Molecule to solve this very problem at their pretty insane 1930s-designed Georgian mansion. The homeowners however wanted the addition of this garage to be low key. They got low key alright. Molecule architects took to the tennis courts to create a hidden entrance.

Accommodating a collection of cars was a central challenge. The house in its existing state was beautifully sited and scaled on its grounds; we felt that any increase in visual bulk would injure this balance and a commitment was made to treat the garaging as a ‘shadow’, concealing it in basement format below the existing tennis court and gardens.

Take a look at this real-life Batcave see for yourself the incredible transformation.

Via Core77

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