I’m not sure if this woman should be excited to have discovered alien life or horrified that she was about to feed it to her children, but the odds of her buying canned tuna again are probably slim to none.

Zoe Butler was preparing a meal for her kids when she saw something unusual in the can of Princes Tuna. What on earth is this thing?

Obviously she freaked out and contacted the company to let them know there are mutant water slug babies living in their product. Princes apologized and says they’re investigating how the creatures from Prometheus got into their food.

Days later the story got even more disgusting. Thanks to a professional at London’s Natural History Museum, the mystery was solved.

It turns out the little creature was actually a parasitic crustacean that lives in the mouths of fish. Cymothoa exigua, more commonly known as the “tongue-eating louse.”

If that’s not disgusting enough, the louse actually doesn’t eat any tongues, but instead sucks the blood out of it’s hosts tongue until the tongue atrophies and dies. It then attaches itself to the fish’s tongue stub and “replaces” the tongue altogether.

The good news here is that the louse doesn’t actually cause any real harm to its host. It just skims a little food off the top of every meal and, as long as the fish gets enough food, they live happily ever after!

That doesn’t mean you want to find it in your can of tuna though.