Does the thought of your mother pleasuring herself to porn make you prodigiously uncomfortable? Us too. But if for some reason you’ve achieved some state of New Age Chi where it doesn’t bother you, you may be keen to know that Pornhub is giving the gift of VR porn this Mother’s Day (May 14, guys—don’t forget) via a bizarre promotional item winsomely titled “Mommy’s Special Glasses”. The best part? They’re free.

“With Mommy’s Special Glasses, our fans can now offer their mothers a unique gift that provides them access to VR content courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment platform,” Pornhub’s VP announced in a press release. “While most of us have been going the generic gift giving route—sending cards or flowers or phoning in long-distance calls—we thought it apropos to provide our fans with the option to gift them with the one thing every mother wants but is too afraid to ask for: porn.”

Unique is an understatement. To grab a free pair of glasses for ma, you’ll have to log in to Porhub first. If you don’t have an account, you’re going to have to sign up for one—because nothing is truly free. But once you hand over your identity, the process of ordering is pretty straight-forward.

Mommy’s Special Glasses come in three colorful designs, each adorned with flowers, for which mom can insert her smartphone and witness special curated content from porn’s most visited streamer.

“We can think of no better way to thank and give back to all the moms out there,“ Pornhub said. While I disagree, we I guess we should applaud the company for venturing outside the box—and maybe even celebrate it for highlighting an overlooked perception: that women who’ve given birth don’t have sexual desires, too. After all, one in four Pornhub viewers are female; one can only assume a bunch of these women are mothers.

To get your hands on Mommy’s Special Glasses, head over here. But before you go, take a look at the stupidly fun promo video.