Never have I seen a video that’s such an awesome mix of cute, creepy, disturbing, awkward, and hilarious. Watch as these moms struggle to understand or explain adult film terms. They absolutely shouldn’t know these thing, because they’re mothers and mothers are sacred, innocent women who make pies and do carpool and should never ever ever be watching porn. Check out these nice, proper moms try to explain terms like “DP”, “Glory Hole”, “Money Shot”, and “BBW”.

Let’s face it: we all know the majority of these terms. If you claim that you don’t, then you’re either a mom or a liar. You’ve either searched them yourself, or at the very least, seen them on a menu bar on your favorite website at some point and been afraid to click on it because you weren’t sure if it was some weird Japanese octopus-related stuff that nobody wants to accidentally click on. Either way, these terms are a part of all of our consciousness, yet hardly any of our everyday vocabularies. What a time to be alive.

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