After years in turnaround, The Hollywood Reporter has an update on the Monopoly movie that we’ve all been waiting for (maybe).

After years of turnaround, Hasbro has finally found a new partner to realize their grand vision of giant red CGI hotels in Lionsgate. Surely, the people behind the gritty post-apocalyptic rebellion of The Hunger Games and the high-octane ass-kickery of The Expendables movies are the right people to make Monopoly seem almost fun, or interesting. Lionsgate has brought on Oscar-winner Andrew Nicchol, the man who created The Truman Show and Gattaca, films almost as bleak as your average Monopoly game.

“Hasbro is a partner with incredible global reach, one of the most compelling brand portfolios in the world, and a signature brand in Monopoly that has multigenerational appeal,” Lionsgate motion picture group co-president Erik Feig said. “Andrew Niccol is the ultimate world creator…He is an inspired choice to develop this timeless property into a big, crowd-pleasing event film that will appeal to kids, families and anyone who has ever played the Monopoly game.”

“Crowd-pleasing event film,” Erik? Are we going to see two hours of angry people flipping boards over when they land on Broadway for the third time in a row for no f—king reason?!

Monopoly is being envisioned as a family-friendly tentpole. The story centers on a boy from Baltic Avenue who uses both Chance and Community in a quest to make his fortune, taking him on an adventure-filled journey. It’s about making your own luck, what makes you truly rich and avoiding jail time.

What a treat. It sounds like Tin-Tin meets Wall Street. Oh well. I’m sure if they throw Chris Pratt in it as a silver shoe trainer, it’ll still make piles of money.