When the iPhone 6 first launched, I wrote a story about the best cases for the smartphone that were available at the time. That last phrase, “at the time,” is important. As great as those early cases were, there were still companies that made hugely popular cases for previous iPhone models who didn’t have offerings available in time for iPhone 6 launch. Chief among those was Mophie, whose Juice Packs provide additional battery life as well as protection for smartphones.

Well, the Juice Pack for the iPhone 6 has finally arrived. Announced at CES, the Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus provide 100% and 120% additional battery power, respectively. The Air has a sleeker design while the Plus offers increased protection. Both models are available in black, white, and gold and feature a standby switch that allows you to keep some charging power in reserve so you have enough battery left to take that 4 a.m. selfie that you know you’ll regret the next day.

The Juice Pack Air offers 14 more hours of talk time and 10 more hours of internet used compared to the iPhone 6 on its own. The Juice Pack Air bumps those numbers up to 17 and 12, respectively, and has internal bumpers for extra protection in case of falls.

The Juice Pack Air costs $99.95 and the Plus is $119.95. Both are available at mophie.com.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.