The Internet. The A-bomb. The Mars Rover. Ice cream. When you think about it, the human race has been responsible for some pretty awesome stuff. Ripped from the pages of Reddit, here are just a few examples of people being badass:

1. And we choose when they get to exercise

Domesticating wolves so hard they turned into a different species.

2. If you’re going to destroy the world, go out with a bang

I love how when the Manhattan project was about to test the first full-scale nuclear blast, they admitted that there was a slight chance that the entire atmosphere could be ignited by the heat of the blast, and they couldn’t really guarantee that all of humanity wouldn’t die. But they did it anyways.

3. And then they did it again a few months later halfway across the world

Managing billions of dollars, building tens of thousands of ships, tanks, aircraft and other materiel, training millions of men and women, and landing over 130,000* troops on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, to rescue millions of foreign people they’d never met and would never know, from the grasp of an insane leader.

4. Jesus never stood a chance

If you believe in God, he had to descend from Heaven onto Earth to tell us to be nice to each other. We said, “Fuck that” and nailed him to a tree. He then retreated into Heaven where he can watch from a safe distance.

5. The only chain we know now is McDonald’s

We literally removed ourselves from the food chain.

6. As Ricky Bobby said, “I wanna go fast!”

We broke the goddamn sound barrier. We went so fast, freaking SOUND WAVES couldn’t keep up. Then we went faster. A lot faster.

7. But it wasn’t made of cheese, so does it really matter?

There is a thing in the sky that at one point people considered to be a God. A few centuries later we propel ourselves onto it’s surface with explosions, planted a flag into it, and claimed it as our own.

8. Don’t forget Rinderpest. People always forget about Rinderpest

Eliminating Smallpox. Think about it. Millions of people died of this disease every year. It was known throughout history as practically a death sentence. Scientists eradicated it. It’s not a thing anymore.

9. And his mustache

Giving birth to Teddy Roosevelt.

10. I guess that is pretty badass

Being an adaptable and curious species. We make everything around us our bitch. “Oh, snow is falling on me, fuck you, I’ll just light this other living organism on fire to keep me warm. Oh shit I am hungry, I am going to take this living organism and burn it so I can eat it.” Tens of thousands of year later when we have turned forests into cities, we said, “See that river, fuck that river, I am getting power out of it!”

11. This one might be aliens though

The pyramids in Egypt STILL haven’t had any completely conclusive evidence of exactly how they were built.

12. We are the species that knocks

Made Breaking Bad.

13. That’s one way to look at it

We smoke cancer to relax.