[Priceonomics](http://priceonomics.com/) via Weddington Way

Priceonomics via Weddington Way

If you have a favorable view of large weddings with abundant bridesmaids, you’re going to want to say yes to attending weddings in the South.

Priceonomics analyzed sales data from Weddington Way, a seller of bridesmaid dresses, to figure out the size of the average bridal party and how it varies geographically. What it found was that the average wedding party in America has 4.39 bridesmaids — and the city that takes the cake for the most bridesmaids on average is Charleston, S.C.

The trend continutes throughout the South with Louisiana, which is the state that has the most bridesmaids on average (4.7). In cities like Birmingham, New Orleans and Waco, there’s a 25 percent chance that any wedding you attend will have seven or more bridesmaids. That’s a lot of bridesmaids.

The state with the fewest number of bridesmaids in a wedding party, on average, is New Mexico. Do with that information as you please.

H/T Priceonomics