Yesterday, we showed you the 25 cities with the most cheaters, according to the Ashley Madison hack. Today, we bring you a chart ranking all 50 states by the amount of money (per capita) spent on the site. God bless America.

Via Reddit user jpopham91.

Via Reddit user jpopham91.

The chart was put together by Reddit user jpopham91, who claims it was made “using the transaction data from the recent ashleymadison dump, and population data from using python and seaborn.” And if you can’t trust a random guy on Reddit to provide you with accurate statistics, who can you trust?

Surprisingly, Alabama tops the list by a wide margin. That’s particularly odd, considering Alabama’s neighbors are all toward the middle or bottom of the list. Mississippi is second to last. It’s also strange considering most of Alabama is still using dial up (sorry).

But, there is probably a simple explanation. As Reddit user tbird24 points explains:

I’m no data scientist, but I have a SNEAKING suspicion that Alabama (AL) leads this list because much of this data does not represent real users. AL is the first option in the “States” dropdown.

Of course, that’s just a theory. But it’s a theory about a chart based on data that hasn’t been confirmed. So let’s just accept it and grab some lunch.

(Source: Reddit, H/T: BroBible)