Courtesy of Flickr user [MoneyBlogNewz](

Courtesy of Flickr user MoneyBlogNewz.

Have you made any resolutions for 2016? Are they the same resolutions you made last year. Yeah, I figured.

Unfortunately, we can’t figure out the most Googled resolutions for 2016 until early next year. But if your resolutions from 2015 involved eating better, losing weight, or getting a new job, you’re not alone. According to Time, “how to” questions related to those topics spiked around New Year’s Day 2015:

The search engine plucked out the 10 “how-to” questions that spiked the most in the U.S. after looking at searches conducted the week before and the week after New Year’s Day 2015.

  1. how to get rid of stress
  2. how to make kale chips
  3. how much water should i drink to lose weight
  4. how to write a resignation letter
  5. how to cook lentils
  6. how to cook cabbage
  7. how to write a letter of recommendation
  8. how to cook collard greens
  9. how to steam broccoli
  10. how to crochet a beanie

Questions one through nine make sense, but what the hell is up with number 10? Are that many people really resolving to take up crochet? I guess it’s easier than exercise.

Speaking for exercise, notice that the weight-loss question isn’t asking the best way to go about shedding pounds. It’s literally asking how to lose weight without exerting any physical effort whatsoever (aside from adding pressure to your bladder). God bless the Internet, and God bless the USA!

(Source: Time)