In most cities, it’s pretty obvious what professional sports team is King. The Lakers run LA (no matter how good DeAndre Jordan’s dunks are), the Cowboys run Texas, the Packers are the only thing worth watching in the entire state of Wisconsin, etc. But what the hell do people in South Dakota root for? Well, the clothing company Mitchell & Ness assembled a map showing what retro sports jersey is most popular in every state. It’s pretty interesting to see what people in states without pro teams buy:

A couple of thoughts:
- Kobe Bryant is super popular all around the country but not California?
- No Michael Jordan anywhere?
- Those Vince Carter Toronto Raptors jerseys are pretty tight.
- Why is Joe Namath so popular in Iowa? He has exactly zero ties to the state.

If you don’t know who a certain jersey belongs to, Mitchell & Ness has a full breakdown state-by-state on their website. Because there’s no way anyone knew that was Paul Molitor’s jersey in West Virginia.

(h/t Deadspin)