We’ve already got robots that do everything from checking us out at the grocery store to building our cars, but while some of us live in Justifiable Fear of an impending Skynet-style uprising, scientists just won’t stop teaching machines to do more and more sophisticated things. For instance, check out the video above, in which Yamaha’s new “Motobot” reveals its skills, and its goal to “surpass” human performance. That’s right: We have robots that ride motorcycles now.

First unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Motobot is a new Yamaha concept that engineers are hoping to push to the point that it can drive unassisted (at present it has some modifications to help it maneuver) at speeds of more than 120 mph. So, why would someone build such a terrifying robotic thing? Well, for the moment Yamaha is hoping to use Motobot to assist in new driver safety technology that will protect human motorcycle drivers, but the company is also open to other business uses in the future.

But come on. We all know that one day these things will either be roaming the wasteland arresting us all for crimes we didn’t commit or traveling from the future to hunt down John Connor. Adjust your apocalypse arsenals accordingly.